What level of breakdown insurance should I choose?

In the UK you do not have to have breakdown cover for your vehicle by law but it is always a good idea to if possible. Lots of people think that they cant afford breakdown cover or don’t want to have to pay any extra than they already are in terms of running costs of their vehicle, but having breakdown can actually save you money should you happen to breakdown.

There are a number of companies that offer breakdown cover and they also often offer several levels of cover. Sometimes you may be able to get breakdown cover as part of your insurance or even as a perk through your bank account. If this is the case, be sure to check what coverage you have and what that means.

The basic level of breakdown often means that as long as you are further than a mile from your home they will come out and recover your vehicle either to your home or to the nearest garage. This does mean they will get you off the road but you may end up with your car being taken to a garage miles away from where you live. You will then have to arrange your own recovery to a different garage if you wish to move the vehicle.