Sectional VS Up and Over Garage Doors

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When you have a garage, one of the most important aspects is the door. Today we want to discuss with you two of the most popular styles of garage doors, helping you to decide which one will be best for your home. These will be a sectional garage door and up-and-over garage doors. Let’s discover which of these is going to be most beneficial to you. Which garage door is going to win the battle when it comes to ease of use, price point, installation time, protection and its ability to be visually appealing?

Ease of Use

When choosing a garage door, one of the most common benefits we search for is how easy they are to use. Up and Over garage doors have a very simple opening mechanism. Simply unlocking them and lifting it up and over to open. However, this is not the easiest for everyone as it can be difficult to give the door enough momentum and support to open safely. Sectional garage doors win the battle for us here. They are the door that provides every customer with ease of use. These tend to be electrically operated which means the push of a remote control button operates the door without needing any further assistance from the owner. This makes them the door that is the easiest to use and will be the best option for everyone.

Price Point

Another aspect that we need to think about when comparing two styles of garage doors is the price point. Sectional garage doors have a price point that matches their quality. This price point is significantly higher than others on the market. Others like up and over garage doors. If you are looking for a garage door on a budget, these will be the more affordable option. They offer protection and security at a lower price point. This is lower due to how they are made and how easy they are to install.

Installation Time

When considering two garage doors, you also want to think about installation time. If you need something fast up and over garage doors are going to take the lead. This is because they are easier to supply and install. Sectional garage doors are a good option, but they will take longer to install. This shouldn’t be any more than a day, but you will need to put a day aside for this rather than an hour or two.

Best Protection

With garage doors, you are of course going to want one that is going to offer the best protection and security. When considering this, you are going to find sectional garage doors take the lead. Due to them being electrically operated, they offer optimal security and protection. Up and over garage doors do offer protection, but not as much as sectional and that is why they take the win on this point.

Visually Appealing

Finally, you are going to want to consider what garage door is going to be most visually appealing. Both of these doors offer a visually appealing aspect. Up and over garage doors offer a single block of colour, which can modernise a home. However, sectional doors to take the win again for us. They are the modern option available here, the option that does not look outdated and will continue to modernise your home for as long as they are relevant.


Now it’s time to make a conclusion. You need to decide which of these garage doors is going to be most beneficial to your home. Both of these garage doors bring you benefits that will be worthwhile no matter which option you choose.

A sectional garage door provides the most security. It provides the best looking option and the easiest to use. Up and over garage doors are the cheapest option, the one to choose if you are on a tighter budget. They still look good, but will not provide as much protection.

So, which garage door will you choose? Well, that simply comes down to you. We would say the deciding factor is money, what budget you have. If you have the budget for the best garage door, you need to go for that. If it is not an emergency, take the extra time to save up for the best quality. The higher the quality, the longer the door is going to last you and provide you with security and protection.