New build homes still need garages

As the need for new homes is causing many developers to ramp up their plans to build the maximum number of new properties on the land available many of these new homes are being built with one or two allocated parking spaces but without a garage. This is fine for some families but having the use of a garage for storage is really missed by others and may even put some buyers off.

Having a garage attached to your property has many advantages. As has already been stated using a garage for storage of garden equipment and furniture is very useful and avoids the need to erect a shed in the small garden that again has become common with new builds.

Some homeowners use the garage as it is intended to be used and keep their car or bicycle in there protecting it from the weather and also from the possibility of theft. Car insurance premiums are often lower if the vehicle is kept in a garage as it is seen as more secure and at lower risk of being stolen.

Converting all or part of the garage to be a utility room or home gym is becoming popular and gives the homeowner extra useable space thus possibly raising the value of the property. So, think carefully when buying a new build property without a garage as you may find you miss that extra room.