Is having a garage a necessity or a luxury?

If you live in the centre of one of the UK’s major cities you will be very fortunate if you have a garage attached to your property that you can use to house your vehicle. It can be worrying if you have to park on the street especially if you have a prestige car that you are concern could get stolen or damaged by vandals.

If you can afford to rent a garage to use you will need to either ask around the neighbours to see if anyone knows someone who does not use their garage or ask on social media community sites. There may be someone who does not need a garage and who would be grateful for some extra cash, but it is just a matter of finding someone.

Once you are in touch with a garage owner you will need to negotiate a rental fee and sign an agreement so that there is no dispute over usage. If there is no security at the garage it may be a good idea to install CCTV and reinforce any locks so that your vehicle is protected from thieves. It is advisable to notify your insurance company that your vehicle is going to be garaged as this may result in a reduction in your insurance premium.