How to improve your old garage

The garage can be the part of a house that gets neglected when the rest of the house is getting a makeover. This is a shame as the garage is an important and much needed space in a property and improvements to the garage can bring benefits for the householders.

The first thing to do when revamping the garage is to get rid of any items that are not needed as a garage can become an area that is cluttered. Hiring a skip if there are lots of items to get rid of may be the best option unless you have a vehicle available to take things to the local recycling centre.

Once the garage is clear, the next step is to decide on the type of storage you require. Metal racking is great and when coupled with clear plastic boxes can be a fantastic way to store tools, decorating equipment and gardening paraphernalia.

If you want to be able to keep a car in the garage you will need to make sure that you leave sufficient room each side so that the car will not be damaged when getting in or out. Storage in the roof space can be utilised without losing space at the sides of the garage.