Help! My usual garage is closing where do I go?

For many vehicle owners having a local garage that they can trust when it comes to getting an MOT or having any work done on the vehicle is a huge benefit and so if they find out for some reason that they cannot use that garage any longer the search for another garage to use can be quite stressful. What then are the best ways to go about finding a garage that you can trust?

The most effective way to find a new garage for vehicle repairs is by personal recommendation. Using local social media groups to ask which local garages local people use is a good first step and if multiple people recommend the same garage this is a good sign that that particular garage is worth a look. Obviously asking friends and neighbours who they use is also worthwhile and can mean finding that new garage is quite simple.

If you need to get an MOT on the vehicle there are MOT stations that do not carry out repairs just simply do the MOT, and it is certainly worth using these if you are not sure which garage to use as they have no interest in the repair side of the process.