Getting your vehicle ready for a journey

If you are looking to travel in the near future and will be using your vehicle there are a certain number of checks that you need to be doing in order to establish if your vehicle is ready to make the trip.

People always seem to remember to pack what clothes, accessories and entertainment items they may want to take with them, but neglect to consider if their car is up to the journey. Poor planning can lead to disappointment and could even be dangerous if you have a serious issue with your car.

Firstly, always check you tyres, brakes and that all lights are working at least a week in advance of the intended travel. This will allow you time to get anything done that may be required such as new tyres or replacing brake light bulbs, prior to your trip. A day or two before the journey, check tyre pressures, oil levels, washers and lights again as things can change over the course of a few days such as developing a puncture. You should also ensure that you have adequate breakdown cover that will not only recover you to a local garage but take you back home or to any UK destination so you do not get stranded should the worse happen.