Garage storage sorted

Most people do not use their garage for the purpose it was meant for namely for keeping a vehicle secure and protected from the elements. The vast majority of people use the garage attached to their property as a storage facility for all sorts of household items. The problems arise when the garage becomes so cluttered that it becomes difficult to find the things you need, or mice get a chance to make their homes in an untouched corner.

Sorting out the storage in the garage can be a massive task but is worthwhile in the long run. The first step is on a dry day to completely empty out the garage so that you can sort through the items and decide what you want to keep and what is no longer needed. While the garage is empty it is a good time to fit some shelving along the walls. Complete racking systems can be bought that make it much easier to see the items clearly. Plastic boxes that can sit on the shelves should be labelled with the contents so that the items are organised effectively.

Hooks can be attached to the wall so that some items such as hosepipes and garden tools can be hung up so that they are not taking up floor space unnecessarily.