Where’s the best place to buy a used car?

Not everyone can afford or wants to buy a brand new car. You can of course lease a car which is a great way of being able to afford a nearly new or new car without having to be tied in to car finance. You may worry about leasing a car though as any damage on the car even damage to the alloy wheels will be charged for and can very quickly add up.

Most people opt to buy a used car where you can save a good chunk of money on the cost of the car new. Buying a second hand car is always a bit of a risk as you do not know its full history and often you have little or no warranty with it.

It is always worth carrying out a HPI check on the vehicle which will check to see if it has outstanding finance on it, has been written off or had plate changes. Some HPI reports will also show you the mileage at certain times so that you can check that the car has not had the mileage changed. You can also find out the engine number and VIN number to check against the vehicle and log book to make sure it all ties up.  Most garages selling vehicle will automatically do this, but you can request to see the report if you wish.