Roadside recovery – what you need to know

Many of us own a car but not all of us have breakdown cover to help us out in difficult situations. Some banks and insurance companies will often give you breakdown cover as an incentive to go with them, but even this cover is not always what you need.

You need to consider what you use your car for. If you only ever drive within a 10-mile radius of your home and could manage a day or two without a vehicle, then you may decide that you could use a local garage to recover your vehicle. But if you sometimes drive longer distances, have children in the car or have little money to be able to fork out hundreds in recovery costs, then breakdown cover with UK destination recovery will probably be the best for you. The cheapest cover is usually just offering recovery to a local garage within 10 miles of your location when you break down, if you are a 100 miles away from home, this may not be suitable to you and if they can’t fix it, you may have to then pay for it to be recovered home afterwards.

If you would struggle without a car for even a few days then you may also want to opt for a home start. This means, should your car not start at your home address, you can call them out to come and have a look.