Making sure your garage floor can cope with the winter months

Our garage floors often take a lot of wear and tear. They may have a lot of foot traffic along with vehicle traffic not to mention the chemicals that may get spilt on it or the fluids that leak from your car from time to time.

Now is a great time to invest in your garage floor ahead of the winter otherwise you could come to find that you have an icy, messy floor to content with on those cold winter mornings. Most garage floors are unfinished, meaning they’re just bare concrete without a top seal. Concrete is actually more porous than people realise. Any de-icer, water or other liquids that are spilt on the floor can seep through and start to cause damage to the foundations. Any water that goes in to the floor will expand and retract as the floor temperature level changes. These changes can make cracks appear in the flooring or make small cracks larger.

An epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating is the way to go if you’re looking for the most effective garage floor winter protection solution. They help protect the flooring from the harsh winter elements as well as chemicals that may be spilt on it.