Listing your car for sale

When selling a second hand car many people struggle with what to type in the advert. Basically yu want to give people an overview of the vehicle and a brief history. The majority of the time people will come and look at the car before they buy it anyway so you do not need to list every little scratch.

It is a good idea to write the first paragraph around the spec of the car and the details of the mileage etc. and be sure to also list the MOT that is on it.

Some people will not list any known faults with the car on the ad, but if these are noticeable on a test drive or when viewing the car not only can it become embarrassing when they ask why they were no mentioned in the ad but ca also put someone off buying your car if they think you are dishonest. Obviously you do not have to list every little thing that is not perfect but noting any major problems or work that will require attention straight away like illegal tyres saves both parties wasting time.