How to keep your garage organised

One of the main issues lots of people have with their garage is organisation. Often we use our garages as a bit of a dumping ground. It may be the place that you store all the items that need to go to the charity shop or even to the tip and often these items get buried with the rest of the stuff and forgotten about. If your garage does not really have a purpose then you may want to consider how you can best use it. Maybe you need a room where you can store and do your washing or perhaps you could actually park your car in their overnight if you decluttered. Parking your car in a garage will often also help to bring down the cost of your insurance.

Organisation is key when sorting out your garage. You need to have an adequate amount of storage space and shelving to be able to organise your garage efficiently. Ideally you want each time to have its own place so when it comes to tidying up you know exactly where to put something.

If you are struggling for floor space then you may need to invest in some shelving units or think about clever storage solutions that don’t take up too much room.