Damage to the paintwork of your car and how to fix it

For most of us we like to try our best to look after our cars and keep them looking as new as the day they left the garage forecourt, however accidents do happen and it’s easy to get little scuffs and scrapes ruining that showroom gleam.

Paintwork can be damaged more easily that most people expect, things such as wet leaves and falling fruit can cause damage if left on parked cars as they can actually erode the paint gloss leaving dull patches on the car. Bird lime is also a regular offender of taking the shine off of new cars as it is highly acidic and damages paint even if left on for short period of time. Some more unusual causes can be from substances on the hands such as some cleaning products and some make up products which if left on door handles and door frames can also leave stubborn marks.

For most light paint damage a good professional polish with a slightly abrasive cleaner then a wax will fix differences in the overall paintwork and a re-spray will not be necessary, however prevention is better than cure so have your car cleaned regularly and remove any bird poo/leaves/fruit from the car as soon as you see it.