Can you get your car tucked away in your garage during winter?

The winter months are fast approaching and over the last week we have seen the temperatures start to drop. This is a sure sign that winter is on its way and it won’t be long before we wake up to snow and ice.

It may seem a little early to start preparing for winter, but now is the perfect time. You do not want to wait until winter is already here, you need to prepare early. There are a number of ways in which you can check that your car is ready for the winter and one of the main ones is your tyres. With ice on the roads, tyres need to have excellent grip and a good level of tread left on them. You also need to check that they are correctly inflated as this can have a huge effect on the grip as well. During snowy, icy weather, slightly under inflated tyres tend to grip the road better, but be sure to refer to the manufacturers guidelines or your local garage to find out what yours should be.

Be sure to carry a winter car pack with you at all times which should include items you may need in an emergency such as blankets, long shelf-life snacks and water as well as ice scrappers, hi vis jacket and a torch. Parking your car in the garage overnight during the winter months will help to protect it from the ice and snow meaning you can drive away safely in a shorter amount of time.